Three Tips for Traveling

travel-tipsTraveling is an overwhelming experience for anyone who is taking off by plane or hitting the road in their car.  There are many things to consider leading up to departure day, and sometimes it feels like there is not enough time to be 100% prepared.

It’s difficult to have peace of mind while traveling because people always fear that they have forgotten something, or that they didn’t account for traffic when driving to the airport.  Our goal is to provide a few tips that will help you enjoy your travels and give you a worry free experience along the way.

Pack Light

Packing light is the key to a successful travel.  Just because you are vacationing for weeks at a time, doesn’t mean you need to stuff your bag with outfits for each day.  Most of the time people are staying at places with washers or dryers, which means you can cut the amount of clothes you plan on bringing in half, if you would just do a load of laundry every once in a while.

Another helpful hint is to leave your toiletry bag at home.  Airports usually have vending machines with throwaway toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss that you can purchase for your temporary stay.  This is one less thing you’ll have to worry about packing as you can purchase these items for a few dollars and just throw them away when you’re done.

The idea is to limit the size of your bag to a carry on, no matter how long you plan on staying at your destination.  This will avoid any fees that you may incur by weighing more than what’s required at check in.  It will also be easier to navigate through airports and you won’t have to carry heavy luggage with you along the way.

Bring Cash

Cash on hand will be helpful so you can show your appreciation by tipping the people who provide a service to you throughout your travels.  Tips are recommended when someone carries your luggage, shuttling to and from airports, taxi rides, valet parking, or even hiring a local business like Five Star Garage Door Service in case of repairs or damages that may need to be addressed while on vacation.

Having cash will also save you from fees when trying to get money out of an ATM that is not connected to your bank.  These fees are unnecessary, and they can start adding up if used on a daily basis while on vacation.

Get Bumped On Your Way Home

Have you ever been at your gate and have listened to the airline employees get on the intercom to announce that the flight is full, and they are in need of someone to get bumped from the flight?  Usually they entice people with some sort of travel rewards like free miles, free lodging for the night(s) you have to remain in the city, or discounted prices the next time you fly.

Here’s the tip, if you’re sitting in Hawaii and you wish you had more time on the island, take the deal! If you’re able to get out of returning to work when you return home, then there’s nothing better than getting a few more nights in at your destination for free! Be spontaneous and take the miles, free lodging, or discount and enjoy the time that you still have.